Christophe SINTUREL

Fonction : Professeur

Axe : SNC

Catégorie : Permanents

Téléphone : 02 38 25 58 21

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Prof. Christophe SINTUREL
University of Orléans

Director at ICMN (CNRS/Université d’Orléans)


1993 Bachelor degree in Chemistry, University of Clermont Ferrand (France)
1994 Master degree in Organic Chemistry, University of Clermont Ferrand (France)
1998 Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry, University of Clermont Ferrand (France)


Jan-Oct 1999 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Brighton (UK)
Nov 1999- Sept 2010 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Orléans
Oct 2010-present Professor, Department of Chemistry – University of Orléans
Sept 2014- Aug 2015 Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota


General Chemistry, Polymer Physical-Chemistry in undergraduate (Licence) and postgraduate (Master, PhD) degree.


Topics : Polymer blends, Nanostructured polymers, Polymer nanocomposites, Block Copolymers
Summary : My research activity concerns the nanostructuration (ie the formation of domains of nanometric size) in polymers. I was initially interested in reactive systems, for which nanostructuration occurs during the crosslinking process and progressively moved to other research activities such as nanocomposites, organized mesophases of amphiphilic block copolymers in liquid matrices, thin films of block copolymers or polymer blends. My current main research activity concerns the study of the self-organization process of block-polymer thin film upon exposure to solvent vapor exposure. This work has a fundamental aspect (the mechanisms of organization of these copolymers are still unclear) and practical because these self-organized thin films are interesting precursors for applications (etching templates or controlled growth of nanoparticles).

PhD advising@ICMN

Lisa Monnier, 2021- : Elaboration de membranes polymères perforées auto-organisées pour la localisation de silicium poreux
Guillaume Taing, 2016-2019 : Oligomères biosourcés, greffage et croissance pour de nouveaux matériaux en cosmétique
Aynur Guliyeva, 2016-2019 : Nanostructuration de surfaces de polymère
Alexane Vital, 2013-2016 : Films minces de mélanges de polymères pour la gravure profonde de silicium
Thi Hoa Nguyen, 2009-2012 : Films minces de copolymères à blocs pour la réalisation de gabarits à porosité contrôlée
Mohammed Dirany, 2006-2009 : Films minces auto-organisés à base de copolymères à blocs de type PS-PLA
Nicolas Boyard, 2000-2003 : Etude physico-chimique et structurale de la copolymérisation de mélanges de polyesters insaturés modifiés par des additifs de faible masse moléculaire

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (clik here for a complete list of publication)

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